Project Details


Longwood, County Meath, Ireland


Private Residence


One Tree Hill Construction



Further Information

The client’s requirements were to produce a country style garden to anchor the site within the surrounding countryside and to provide year long interest, whilst also functioning as a space for a young family.  The garden has been designed to provide a variety of living spaces and experiences through the creation of four distinct garden spaces: entrance parterre garden; lawn and play area with private niches; enclosed entertainment space; arrival space.

The planting selection provides the garden with a year round structure, foliage and floral colour and interest.  Beech, box, and yew hedges teamed with a variety of trees such as liquidambar, cherry and katsura provide structure and year round interest, whilst flowering shrubs and perennials such as hydrangeas, viburnum, hosta and phlox provide seasonal colour.

The use of hedges and planting for enclosure and retention of views have allowed the site to link seamlessly into surrounding countryside.

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